M. John MacNeil

A CA / CPA with the Chartered Professional Accounts of Ontario, John MacNeil is a seasoned veteran of the North American real estate industry.

John has lead and completed successful real estate projects across Canada, the United States and Europe. With a background in both the residential and commercial sectors, John has been involved with some of the largest, most innovative and award winning real estate developments over the past 35 years.

John is currently the CEO and founding Partner of Jomac Properties. Jomac Properties is an active investor in existing buildings and development projects with a total completion value in excess of $2 billion.

John was most recently the President/COO/Partner at First Gulf. First Gulf is an award-winning leader in the development of industrial, office, mixed-use and retail properties with developed assets of over $4 billion completed since the company’s inception in 1987. First Gulf is a fully integrated development company and is involved in all aspects of real estate development, from land acquisition and planning approvals to design-build, construction, leasing, financing and property management. To date, First Gulf has developed and constructed over 30 million sf of office, retail, and industrial real estate.

Prior to joining First Gulf, John was the President of Smart Centres (formerly First Pro Shopping Centres). Smart Centres has been Canada’s largest retail developer over the past twenty-five years. John was also a trustee of Smart Centres REIT listed on the TSX