About White Owl

A private Canadian investment company focusing on real estate, private businesses, and public/private equity.​

Our purpose is to grow and develop the cultural, social, financial and intellectual capital of all stakeholders.

Welcome to Our Family​

Our purpose is to grow and develop our cultural, social, financial and intellectual capital.

Family-principled, we make strategic financial investments and work with strong management teams to create lasting value.

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We are People Investing in People

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The White Owl approach is one of flexibility and support. We operate without institutional or private equity bureaucracy.

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White Owl focuses on long-term value creation with limited financial pressure on management teams for short term or “quarter over quarter” performance.

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Our Values

Family-oriented, and proud of the values we represent.

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We respect our history and our communities. We respect each other.

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We embrace a culture of inclusivity, humility and openness.

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We are experienced, knowledgeable and have deep resources. We operate in tandem to grow with strong partners.

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We are humble, yet we are passionately focused and relentless in our drive to succeed.

Our team will work with you to create lasting value.